The Rich History of Custom Patches

The things which are so basic these days were of rich history that most people do not know about; custom patches for example. During the 1800s where it was invented, patches only have one variation and that is embroidered patches. Did you know that only the elite or the highest class of the society wear embroidered items back then?Patches
The embroidered articles of clothing are a distinction that they were part of the upper class. Also, the lower class cannot afford those embroidered pieces. Certainly, they cost much as embroidery is a very intricate and delicate craft. It took sewers lots of time to complete a single embroidered piece on that era.

History of Embroidery

There is no record as to when exactly do embroidery started. Historians and archeologists had assumed that embroidery is already present during the hunting and gathering era. Hair and sinew coming from animals were used to sew pelts and to decorate.

The definite era on which embroidery has been developed is between 3rd to 5th Century BC. It started in Asia, specifically in China. Ancient Chinese applied embroidery to their clothing. The craft then reached Persia, India, and Japan. Embroidery was also used as decorations more like paintings which are hanged on walls.

Up to now, you can see the intricate embroidered designs on traditional Asian clothing. They were of different colored threads too which help elevate the embroidered piece.The craft is entirely done by hand until the Industrial Age when Isaak Groebli invented Schiffli Embroidery Machine. “Schiffli” means “little boat” which the machine looks like.
Custom Patches
The Schiffli Embroidery Machine was packed with continuous threaded needle and bobbins of thread. It was operated by a team of women until Isaak Groebli’s son found a way to improve it. From then on, it can be operated by only one operator.Additionally, the machine can perform all embroidery stitches such as running stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch, and satin stitch.

History of Custom Patches

As mentioned, only the elites were able to wear embroidered items before. Similar to that, patches were first used to create distinction. Before the 18th century, there was no distinction among the soldiers on their military uniforms. The patches have become the solution to this dilemma. To honor, as well as acknowledge the higher ranked officers, patches of different embroidered patterns were invented.

The idea was started by the British army. It did not take long to reach the United States. Because there were no machines invented yet on those days, the patterns for these military custom patches were simple and easy to embroider. They were usually created by the wives, sisters, or mothers of the soldiers.Armies around the globe were already using patches to determine ranks during the World War II. The military patches were coined as SSI or shoulder sleeve insignia due to their popularity.

Today, military patches become more intricate with the help of different equipment and technology. Most of the patches are still embroidered, but there are already other variations such as printed or dyed patches.

Other Uses of Custom Patches

Custom PatchesPatches are definitely not just for the armies. They are widely used nowadays in different schools and universities, public or government offices and establishments, and in private organizations. Their embedded designs are usually the logos of these organizations.

Patches are also of different shapes, circle being the most common. They are also in many sizes, colors, kinds of threads, and styles. These embroidered items are no longer just for the rich. Because of the availability of mass production, they are now affordable.

Aside from Military Patches, the common kinds of patches these days are Biker Patches, Boys and Girls Scout Patches, and Sport Team Patches. Patches customization is also widely available.

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