PCB Assembly: What You Need To Know


Got a really techie project in the works? Perhaps you’ll need those chic, little boards which we call printed circuit boards or PCBs. Whether it’s repairing or refurbishing a television set, desktop or laptop computer, or your own or others’ cell phones, there is that possibility that you will be tinkering with the PCBs.

PCB-assemblyNow, when it comes to quick turn PCB assembly, typically you will only need minimal resources – just the circuit board, some cutters and pliers, solder, and of course, a soldering iron. When you buy a PCB, normally it already has a kit that goes with it, containing all the other chips, transistors, diodes, switches, screws, and all other what not. A printed guide also now comes as basic to any printed circuit board kit, complete with a diagram on which is which and which goes where.

That is basically the reason why almost everybody tinkering with electronics these days now resort to DIY when it comes to quick turn PCB assembly. But well, there is always a chance that you might not get it right. If you are having doubts whether you could do it or not, feel free to visit this site.

Why Seek Professional Assistance

When you know soldering and simple following of instructions, there is a high chance that you’re going to ace that assembly. But on those days when you have already ran out of transistors to put or you have already used up your third stock of solder, then we think it’s time for you to get in touch with a professional now, through clicking here.

Yes, assembling a printed circuit board is considered a basic skill by technicians and inventors out there. But hey, there’s no harm in seeking help. You save time, resources, trips to the store, and you get assured that that thing will really work.

About PCBNet.com, Your Assembly Buddy

So, do you want be assured that the professional you’re contacting to tinker with your PCBs are trustworthy and would really do the job right? Entrust your assembly needs to PCBnet.com, the online portal for Imagineering, Inc.
This company has been in the industry for almost thirty years already. With them, you can source printed circuit boards and get them assembled, too. Their almost three decades in the business has earned them the reputation of gaining loyal clients because of their output that has always met their clients’ expectations and finished on the dot, right when the client already needs it. Isn’t that a good thing when you are rushing with your projects or experiments?

Go to the website to see for yourself.

You can avail of a quote for a PCB assembly project very quickly. As in, right after you submit your specs! Unlike the others that take days, even weeks, just for you to get a price quote.

So, how to get a quote? First, you have to fill out this form on this site. Here, you shall be providing the specifications of the printed circuit board you want assembled, as well as how many PCB assembly jobs you want done. You also get to choose which side you want done – if it’s just the top side only or you want both sides. Then, upload the file type of the printed circuit board you want assembled – in MS Excel – and hit submit.


To get a turn key quote, you will need the assembly drawing or Gerber data, pick and place data, and the BOM. You can give as a sample to copy, if there is any. We can provide the printed circuit board for you but if you already have your own, that’s not a problem – just send them over to us.

To ensure the quality of each printed circuit board assembled, each customer asking for a quote will be allowed up to a thousand pieces only. Once you have confirmed that you are placing an order for PCB assembly, you will just have to wait for a week for small quantities, and up to three weeks for production level orders.