PCB Assembly: What You Need To Know


Got a really techie project in the works? Perhaps you’ll need those chic, little boards which we call printed circuit boards or PCBs. Whether it’s repairing or refurbishing a television set, desktop or laptop computer, or your own or others’ cell phones, there is that possibility that you will be tinkering with the PCBs.

PCB-assemblyNow, when it comes to quick turn PCB assembly, typically you will only need minimal resources – just the circuit board, some cutters and pliers, solder, and of course, a soldering iron. When you buy a PCB, normally it already has a kit that goes with it, containing all the other chips, transistors, diodes, switches, screws, and all other what not. A printed guide also now comes as basic to any printed circuit board kit, complete with a diagram on which is which and which goes where.

That is basically the reason why almost everybody tinkering with electronics these days now resort to DIY when it comes to quick turn PCB assembly. But well, there is always a chance that you might not get it right. If you are having doubts whether you could do it or not, feel free to visit this site.

Why Seek Professional Assistance

When you know soldering and simple following of instructions, there is a high chance that you’re going to ace that assembly. But on those days when you have already ran out of transistors to put or you have already used up your third stock of solder, then we think it’s time for you to get in touch with a professional now, through clicking here.

Yes, assembling a printed circuit board is considered a basic skill by technicians and inventors out there. But hey, there’s no harm in seeking help. You save time, resources, trips to the store, and you get assured that that thing will really work.

About PCBNet.com, Your Assembly Buddy

So, do you want be assured that the professional you’re contacting to tinker with your PCBs are trustworthy and would really do the job right? Entrust your assembly needs to PCBnet.com, the online portal for Imagineering, Inc.
This company has been in the industry for almost thirty years already. With them, you can source printed circuit boards and get them assembled, too. Their almost three decades in the business has earned them the reputation of gaining loyal clients because of their output that has always met their clients’ expectations and finished on the dot, right when the client already needs it. Isn’t that a good thing when you are rushing with your projects or experiments?

Go to the website to see for yourself.

You can avail of a quote for a PCB assembly project very quickly. As in, right after you submit your specs! Unlike the others that take days, even weeks, just for you to get a price quote.

So, how to get a quote? First, you have to fill out this form on this site. Here, you shall be providing the specifications of the printed circuit board you want assembled, as well as how many PCB assembly jobs you want done. You also get to choose which side you want done – if it’s just the top side only or you want both sides. Then, upload the file type of the printed circuit board you want assembled – in MS Excel – and hit submit.


To get a turn key quote, you will need the assembly drawing or Gerber data, pick and place data, and the BOM. You can give as a sample to copy, if there is any. We can provide the printed circuit board for you but if you already have your own, that’s not a problem – just send them over to us.

To ensure the quality of each printed circuit board assembled, each customer asking for a quote will be allowed up to a thousand pieces only. Once you have confirmed that you are placing an order for PCB assembly, you will just have to wait for a week for small quantities, and up to three weeks for production level orders.

The Rich History of Custom Patches

The things which are so basic these days were of rich history that most people do not know about; custom patches for example. During the 1800s where it was invented, patches only have one variation and that is embroidered patches. Did you know that only the elite or the highest class of the society wear embroidered items back then?Patches
The embroidered articles of clothing are a distinction that they were part of the upper class. Also, the lower class cannot afford those embroidered pieces. Certainly, they cost much as embroidery is a very intricate and delicate craft. It took sewers lots of time to complete a single embroidered piece on that era.

History of Embroidery

There is no record as to when exactly do embroidery started. Historians and archeologists had assumed that embroidery is already present during the hunting and gathering era. Hair and sinew coming from animals were used to sew pelts and to decorate.

The definite era on which embroidery has been developed is between 3rd to 5th Century BC. It started in Asia, specifically in China. Ancient Chinese applied embroidery to their clothing. The craft then reached Persia, India, and Japan. Embroidery was also used as decorations more like paintings which are hanged on walls.

Up to now, you can see the intricate embroidered designs on traditional Asian clothing. They were of different colored threads too which help elevate the embroidered piece.The craft is entirely done by hand until the Industrial Age when Isaak Groebli invented Schiffli Embroidery Machine. “Schiffli” means “little boat” which the machine looks like.
Custom Patches
The Schiffli Embroidery Machine was packed with continuous threaded needle and bobbins of thread. It was operated by a team of women until Isaak Groebli’s son found a way to improve it. From then on, it can be operated by only one operator.Additionally, the machine can perform all embroidery stitches such as running stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch, and satin stitch.

History of Custom Patches

As mentioned, only the elites were able to wear embroidered items before. Similar to that, patches were first used to create distinction. Before the 18th century, there was no distinction among the soldiers on their military uniforms. The patches have become the solution to this dilemma. To honor, as well as acknowledge the higher ranked officers, patches of different embroidered patterns were invented.

The idea was started by the British army. It did not take long to reach the United States. Because there were no machines invented yet on those days, the patterns for these military custom patches were simple and easy to embroider. They were usually created by the wives, sisters, or mothers of the soldiers.Armies around the globe were already using patches to determine ranks during the World War II. The military patches were coined as SSI or shoulder sleeve insignia due to their popularity.

Today, military patches become more intricate with the help of different equipment and technology. Most of the patches are still embroidered, but there are already other variations such as printed or dyed patches.

Other Uses of Custom Patches

Custom PatchesPatches are definitely not just for the armies. They are widely used nowadays in different schools and universities, public or government offices and establishments, and in private organizations. Their embedded designs are usually the logos of these organizations.

Patches are also of different shapes, circle being the most common. They are also in many sizes, colors, kinds of threads, and styles. These embroidered items are no longer just for the rich. Because of the availability of mass production, they are now affordable.

Aside from Military Patches, the common kinds of patches these days are Biker Patches, Boys and Girls Scout Patches, and Sport Team Patches. Patches customization is also widely available.

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Motivational Speakers and Leadership

Motivational speakers have one basic purpose: to motivate people into making positive changes in their lives. One great example of a positive change is turning an ordinary bland person into an exceptional leader admired by millions.

Motivational speakers, due to their nature, are in essence leaders themselves. They embody the essence of the root word “lead”. This word is synonymous with showing others the way, influencing them, and guiding them to the intended direction. By breaking down each of those definitions, one can see how motivational speakers act as leaders and compel people into becoming leaders themselves.

By showing others the way, the speakers act as teachers

They teach people the essentials of great leadership. They stress that being a leader is better than being a boss. Leaders are on a never-ending quest of learning, and they must know new tricks as time passes. The speakers must also act this way, adapting to the fast-changing times and keeping abreast of leadership trends that occur in both the public and private sectors. As John F. Kennedy says, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
Motivational SpeakerBy influencing others, the speakers bequeath the procedures needed to lead an honorable and dignified life that is expected of a true leader and a good role model. This honor and dignity will then be trickled down to some members of the audience, who can then be inspired by the motivations the speaker gives and turn them into guideposts for their future leadership plans.

One of the most important things for a true leader to preserve his/her honor and dignity is humility. Leaders are human, and they commit mistakes. If a leader admits to doing something wrong, he/she should admit it, apologize, and must not repeat that mistake. The followers will know that their leader has done something wrong and will swear not to commit it. A true leader should not withhold embarrassment just for the sake of saving face. A motivational speaker should also act this way – he can tell a story about his/her rough and troubled past before he/she has seen the light and changed for the better. Transformational stories are appropriate tools to positively influence future leaders.

By guiding others to the right direction, the speakers prevent potential leaders from repeating the mistakes past leaders made. They are here to straighten out common misconceptions about leadership. They emphasize that insanity is doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results – and therefore should not be emulated by an effective leader.
Motivational SpeakersTo make sure the right direction is trudged, the speaker must also listen to the voice of his/her audience. He/she should also remember that he/she was once a follower who had dreams of becoming a leader. While listening to the voice of the people is good, an effective leader should also sort out the legitimate voices from useless noise. There are people who can never be satisfied with any type of leadership, and not everybody can be pleased. In effect, there must be a mutual relationship between the leader and his/her followers – and between the motivational speaker and his/her audience.

A motivational speaker should also be mindful of balance just like a true leader should. There is a reason for the term “silk hiding steel”. A good leader may look and sound compassionate on the outside; but when it comes to serious matters, there is an equal amount of strictness, cunning, and indomitable will to straighten out an erring follower.

In conclusion, motivational speakers can compel people to take up the mantle of leadership. Great leadership begets great followers, and some of those great followers can turn into great leaders in the future. This is what is called “paying it forward”.

The www.motivational-speaker-success have one basic purpose to motivate people into making positive changes in their lives.


SEO Services You Do Not Want To Utilize Today

Amidst the growing changes in internet marketing, some companies don’t really change their ways. Some companies are still pushing the same old solutions, and it’s starting to wear thin. Even though people keep pushing the wrong areas of marketing, they will seem to get market share. When looking for companies to work with, you could end up dealing with a variety of problems that are associated with their approach. Search engine optimization is not something that you can cheat, or find a way to expedite. Yes, there are some companies that can find ways to implement certain SEO Services, but the results cannot be expedited like some may have you believe. Getting to the top of any search engine for highly competitive keywords is not something that happens without some carefully curated elements.

With all the good that companies do in regards to search engine optimization, there are some that have hijacked the notion and are publishing the wrong content, doing things absurdly wrong, and are causing serious detriment to a lot of different websites online. If you want to gain a semblance of hope for your site, avoid the following elements of professional grade marketing collateral.

Mass Placed Links

seo imageLink generation is a good thing, it’s a tried and true solution for marketing collateral. However, you’re going to find that it could end up costing you a lot of issue, and perhaps even get you ignored by search engines instead of linked to the right areas. The reason why this isn’t a good solution is because search engines have changed their algorithms to only cycle through high end link exchanges. That means that you cannot buy your influence any longer, even though some companies are still selling links overall. If you find yourself losing out on the marketing collateral that comes from links, you should definitely think again.

Mass placed links can cost you as little as $5. You could get 1,000 links and even more for a low price, but if you do this, you are going to raise a lot of red flags on your domain name. This is such a problem, that you could end up seeing yourself far and away removed from all keyword placements within your niche. If you want to end up dealing with little to no traffic, then by all means, go this route. It’s something that many people are finding out the hard way, and it’s definitely not a good plan of action overall. Don’t buy links, just don’t do it. Nothing good comes through this solution, especially when you start to see how many sites have been penalized for the results.

Spinning Web Content

One of the sure fire ways to get delisted from the major search engines is to look at buying spun content. Spinning web content is not a good thing, and it is not going to help you get anywhere fast. Do not focus on spinning anything, but rather have people rewrite your stuff if you’re going to get more out of the same old publishing routines. When you spin content, you are losing the unique elements that you should have in place, and that’s not a good thing. You need unique, well written content that is keyword rich and allowing you to get noticed fast on the web. If you do not utilize this correctly, you’re going to end up falling way away from the right places on the web.

Duplicate content is also something that you should avoid, and don’t allow any SEO Services sell you on the notion. If you do that, you are going to end up losing out on the greater good that comes from the marketing collateral as whole. Spinning web content is just as bad as duplicate posts, and other shortcuts in regards to content marketing. You want to avoid this completely, as there are no good publishing elements that rely on this type of collateral online today.

Long Term PPC

seoThe laziest method of marketing is through PPC, assuming that it’s the sole thing that the company you’ve hired is doing for you. Yes, there’s a good way to work with pay per click, but it should not be the only thing that you’re doing to build your market share. If you are working on this alone, you’re going to end up losing market share, and credibility overall. The reason why, because you are going to be ignoring a lot of other areas that you need to focus on. Some companies swear by PPC, but you need to focus on more than just this framework, because you need diversity in your advertising, publishing and more. The more diverse your approach is to marketing, the better off you’re going to see your traffic become.

At the end of the day, results are all you should be focused on, and that means that you should look at web content and marketing through the lens of a professional. Hire a good SEO company that can deliver on the right kind of SEO Services, not the ones above, because you will want results. If you rely on the wrong components, even if you’ve hired someone, you may see a negative return on your investment, and that’s not good.